I do love the Onion.

The death of print journalism is a bit of a cliche these days, but in some cases these monuments of the fourth estate drag down some of the bastions of good science journalism. I doubt the Boston Globe is down to 3 subscribers, but they are hurting, and last year they cut their Health/Science section. This used to be one of the best main-stream sources for science journalism, conveniently located in a central hub of cutting edge research (Harvard, MIT, Boston U, UMass, and numerous bio-tech companies all within a few square miles).

Hopefully, these guys can figure out how to bring their stuff online and actually make money at it.

Also, tucked in as a throw-away gag at the end:

Next up in science news: New evidence is challenging traditional views on which IS the most awesome dinosaur?

This might be an example of when PR might be good for science.